Apart from our monthly workshops we have an ongoing long term community project. The main theme is based around our city with the key words Shenzhen and Myth.

Our progress so far:
1. Concept creation through story boarding. Shenzhen-Myth
2. Research and production training through interviews with selected people across Shenzhen.
3.Transcription, translating and analyzing our 9 filmed and edited interviews.
Themes to explore from our discussions: China dream? First generation. Time frame. United strangers? 4. STORYBOARD TIME! The ground work is done. Let’s take what we have done so far and create something amazing at next meeting and workshop.

Everyone is welcome to our meetings at any stage of the project. We design each workshop and meeting to quickly get everyone up to date and start the creative process.

Join us now and share your story.

Next meeting:

Thursday, 4th June, 7pm, Dark horse Pizza OCT Loft. (See “meeting” tab above for details)