About us

About SZFA

Shenzhen Film and Acting (SZFA) was established in early 2014 in Shenzhen, China.

This community brings like-minded film and acting enthusiasts together and hosts

meetings on a monthly basis. Our members include both professionals and non-

professionals. We are not exclusive and are a non-profit organization. Our mission

is to develop and support the film and acting culture of Shenzhen and greater China.

SZFA was initially organized by the efforts of Ali Shakorian, David Shomaker and Tre

Tennyson. Each of these founding members lives in Shenzhen and hopes to offer a

meaningful contribution to the growing, Shenzhen art community. Each is involved

in either film or acting in their own way and the initial meetings explored these

topics openly. Many different types of people were initially attracted to SZFA and

we still boast a very diverse demographic. We believe this only adds to the

creativity of the group as a whole.

SZFA abides by three main principals, which we read aloud at the start of each

meeting. These include:

1. Respect

a) We respect each other. We listen to other people’s ideas. Criticism must

be constructive, especially in the group/meeting setting.

2. Honesty

a) We are a community and a platform. We are trying to accomplish things

together that could not be realized individually. In order to maintain this

learning and supportive environment, we need to be honest with each

other about projects and goals. As a simple example, when presenting a

project, everyone must be honest about the reasons for developing a

project. This will allow others to make educated decisions on whether or

not to participate in the proposed project.

3. Commitment

a) We do not require or expect people to participate or attend every meeting.

We do, however, expect that you do what you say you will do. If you

promise to work on a project as a cameraman, for example, you should

attend the shoot date on time and perform your duties accordingly.